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Between work, school and family, the mind needs a break. Take that break with the power of a burning Tranquil Bliss Candle. Tranquil Bliss Candles allow for focus and clarity after days or weeks of chaos. Infused with soybean oil, our candles are powered with emollients that are perfect for the driest of skin. We only use quality essential oils and fragrance oils. So we offer two benefits in one candle: clear mind and soft skin!


How to Use: Light candle, let it burn for a few moments. Take in the Awesomely Amazing fragrance from the candle. Burn it out. Dip fingers into the warm oil, massage skin with this luxurious oil blend.


Massage Candle 8 Ounces

  • The soy wax we have chosen for our candles is 100% GM free and no pesticides or herbicides are used at any stage in its cultivation.  Soya beans are, of course, a renewable source and the wax is naturally bio-degradable, so it is really is an eco-friendly product. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax, which is made from crude oil, with no petrol-carbon soot that can blacken walls as well as releasing toxic carcinogens in to the air. People love our candles because they can massage the oil into their skin without worrying about it clumping up like candle wax does. Don't worry it's safe and will not burn or irritate your skin.

    The soy wax we use has the following benefits:

    ·         It is 100% vegetable, made from pure soybean oil

    ·         It burns longer and more cleanly than paraffin wax without soot build up

    ·         It is natural, biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides

    ·         It is produced without genetically modified material

    ·         It is easy to clean up with soap and hot water, eliminating the need for solvents

    ·         It is not subject to animal testing

    ·         It is a renewable, sustainable resource

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