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Back Massage Solution

Back massage, anyone?

Because your petty coworkers will not ruin your day this week. Or any other week.  Neither will the upcoming holidays nor the political news as of late.


Get ready for the ultimate self-care treatment. Improve your breathing, circulation, and more. Our detoxifying and hydrating massages will treat you like you deserve, even when it’s not your birthday. Relaxes the mind while reducing muscle tension and stress for less than you’d ever imagine.

If your back/neck area is keeping you from living your best life, our half-hour massage is for you.  


Swedish Massage Solution

Ever heard of the Swedish Catastrophe of 2020?



They know how to relax and chill out there. We want to share their secrets with you, with our One-hour Swedish Massage.


That pain that nags you to no end is no match for a Swedish-style relaxation solution. It is known for reducing tension, thanks to an authentic, soothing touch -- or firmer stokes if you dare! Our Swedish massage promotes relaxation, increase circulation and eases sore and tired muscles. You will approve this message.


Massage Solution

Because essential oils are the key to natural cures, our aromatherapy massages come infused with cures to whatever is ailing you. Pamper yourself while taking advantage of a holistic way to relax that muscle that flares up for no reason (read: stress!)


With custom-blended essential oils that are naturally therapeutic as they are are infused with enhancements which serve as a fuel for the internal organs. Don’t be surprised if you’ll need fewer prescriptions drugs to feel better!


Your immune and circulatory systems will thank you for this treat.

Hot Stone

Massage Solution

Imagine:  an experience that leaves you stress and pain free. if deep relaxation is what you’re seeking after a hard day’s work, try out Hot Stone Massage.  Stone massage is highly effective for the purpose of creating harmony, positive energy flow, and promoting a sense of balance*.


Make your “you time” worth it. We combine tried and true techniques with (what kind of stone?) to give the ultimate spa day without the spa day price!


*Not recommended if you have hypertension, blood clot history, diabetes or any recent broken bones.



Your quiet friend at work who has the solution, the motivational chats and the after-hour spot you didn’t know you needed.


That’s, in a nutshell, what our chair massage offer to clients in the workplace.

Hot Stone

Foot Massage

Give your foundation -- your own two feet! -- a rest. Those plantars and ten toes support dreams and reaches destinations on a regular basis.


It’s time to support them back, with a Hot Stone Foot Massage that was once only reserved for the wealthy and the thrill seekers (hot coal stoll, anyone?)  


Enjoy candles, soft music and soft lighting and your feet will thank you.

Coconut Milk Marble Pampered Foot Soak

Now is the chance for you to be that person with the self-care treats others brag about on social media. Nothing says I’ve arrived like easing your feet into a cozy Coconut Milk Marble Pampered Foot Soak!


Our foot soak is treated with the finest marbles designed to gently pressure various points of the body and send your body into tranquil mode -- while pulling away a week’s worth of stress.


This foot bath is performed with coconut milk powder and coconut oil and topped off with a 15-minute foot massage with the use of hot stones.



Hands explore. Hands create. Hands lead the way to action. It’s time to reward them with our Pampered Hands treatment.


Your two palms and ten fingers are pampered with body scrubs, and gently rubbed with a sensual combination of hot stones and natural body butter.

Time Out


When one thinks about a Swedish massage, the ultimate relaxation time comes to mind. (Seriously, when was the last time you’ve heard of the best American massage?)


Our Time Out Swedish Massage gives new life to those who spend their lives in stressful job. Think of it as our way to thank the thankless.  


Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers, College students receive a Time Out discount when they show a valid ID.



Think of Inches Away as the weight-loss solution a wealthy reality show star wish she would have thought of. Get ready for your Instagram moment with a treatment sure to erase your stubborn cellulite and inches. Along with regular diet and exercise, Inches Away is the icing on the body-sculpting cake you didn’t know you needed.


Choose from our Fat-Off Body Glaze or Fat-Off Body Yogurt during your 25-minute session. Take home the Fat-Off Body Scrub for an additional $10 and shower away that certain extra you’ve been trying to get rid of for months now.  For best results, try one session for six weeks.

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