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Extreme Power Cream:  It contains 400 MG of CBD and less than .3% THC. It also includes our proprietary blend of powerful and organic essential oils and other botanicals.
CBD and essential oils applied topically can offer faster relief to areas of discomfort. 
Using your pinky finger, apply a small amount to the area you are experiencing pain. 

Power Hempranium:
It contains 500 MG of CBD and less than .3% THC.


• Studies show that consuming full-spectrum CBD can help bring balance by reducing discomfort and pain. We have infused our CBD with USDA organic essential oils as an added benefit.

Directions: Place drops under the tongue and hold 30-60 seconds.

Broad Spectrum Gummies:

Our vegan gummies are non GMO and contain organically grown Cannabis Sativa.  We have another POWERFUL limited edition.  These are loaded with 60 MG of CBD ea.  Please use only 1/2 a gummy.  The gummies are also larger in size.  Each bottle contains 15 for a total of 900 MG and 30 servings!    

Use at night before bedtime. Start low and go slow.  Start with 1/2 gummy per day. 

While the effects of edibles take longer, some people experience a longer period of relief from pain and discomfort.  Our gummies are not coated.  The Cannabinoids are infused directly into the gummies providing a higher potency and protecting the product integrity.  

Sample Pack: includes one gummy, 3 day supply of Power Hempranium and Extreme Power Cream.

CBD Sampler Pack

  • All Sales are Final.

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