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    Tranquil Bliss Putty and Tranquil Bliss Slime are a "throw-back"to childhood for adults and great tool for our youngsters. Self-care is a buzzword that we hear often, but what does it mean? Answers vary depending on the individual. For some it's that bi-weekly pedicure, others it is a trip to the salon. And for others it is that monthly massage with their favorite massage therapist. At Tranquil Bliss, we offer massage therapy and believe massage is very essential to self-care.

   Additionally, we at Tranquil Bliss believe that self-care is not just what you do your exterior. It goes within. Self-care is about taking care of you and your most basic core. It means dealing with your emotional well being as well as your outer appearance.

We have become a society that lives for the weekend, spring break, summer break and winter break. What about those days in between? Stress, anxiety, and depression are all real and just like life they happen at the most convenient times. However, left unattended they will fester wreak havoc on our lives emotionally and eventually physically.

   Tranquil Bliss has a simple solution to help address stress, anxiety, and depression. First, acknowledge what you're feeling. Secondly, deal with and try to manage what you're feeling. We know sometimes you can't take a great deal of time to address the issue. But, we do know that you can take a few moments, take a ball of our TranquilBliss Putty or Tranquil Bliss Slime that is infused with essential oils and help relieve stress. Sometimes, you have to take a break from life, take a deep breath, inhale some essential oils, release that breath and get back to life.



Scents that are great for Boosting Your Mood:


Cedar Wood 

Clary Sage









Scents that are great for reducing Anxiety and Tension:





Ylang Ylang


Scents that are great for Anger Management:



Sweet Orange

Ylang Ylang

Roman Chamomile

Tranquil Bliss Putty and Tranquil Bliss Slime

Available Scents