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Relaxed people are happier people. Take my word. I've done the research for you.

Every month enjoy relaxation in the privacy of your home with a Tranquil Bliss Massage Candle and Tranquil Bliss Body Scrub.


In January get rid of the Winter Blahs with a Tranquil Bliss Vanilla Candle and Tranquil Bliss Vanilla Body Scrub.


In February fall in love with "Me Time" with The Love of My Life Candle and The Love of My Life Body Scrub. This is a shameless plug but if you haven't read the award winning book, Love of My Life by Jahzara, CEO of Tranquil Bliss click here.


In March spring into a new season with Cotton Candy Massage Candle and Cotton Candy Body Scrub.


In April enjoy citrus things. Our Lemon Drop Candle and Lemon Drop Body Scrubs are Awesomely Amazing.


In May let's head to the beach. Nothing says fun more than Raspberry Lemonade Candles and Raspberry Lemonade Body Scrubs.


In June let's welcome summer.  Our FirstDate Candle and First Date Body Scrubs with luscious strawberries and peach are Amazingly Awesome.


In July with fireworks popping, you still want to make time for yourself. So, let's slow it down a pace and enjoy a Lavender Candle and Lavender Body Scrub.


In August with Back to School on the Horizon. Green Apple Candle and Green Apple Body Scrub is on the "Back to School List."


In September we welcome Autumn. Fall in love with your favorite fall fragrances again. This month is Apple Pie Candle and Apple Pie Body Scrub.


In October it's all about Pumpkins. You will love our Blueberry Pumpkin Pecan Waffle (I know it's a mouthful) Candle and Blueberry Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Body Scrubs.


In November let's remember to be thankful in all things. Enjoy our Cranberry Delight Candle and Cranberry Delight Body Scrub.


In December tis the season to reflect and be Merry. Enjoy our No Place Like Home Candle and our No Place Like Home Body Scrub.

Tranquil Bliss Monthly Subscription Kit

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Candle & Body Scrub
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$30.00every month until canceled
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