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 This is a digital dowloadable manual, created by former Family and Group Therapist, Jahzara. It is created with the purpose to assist single divas in the dating arena. This manual is relevant to divas who are in relationships as well as those contemplating getting into a relationship.

  All too many times divas have learned critical information way down the road. Despite what you have heard, what you do not know can hurt you. Heartache has bombarded many divas because they did not ask questions or they did not ask the right questions. Divas may be pondering what questions to ask, Jahzara has compiled years of experience, both personal and professional in developing this dating assessment tool. Diva, if you look at a question in this manual and feel like you can't ask "Prince Charming" that or you're not sure if you should ask him that, just know that's all the more reason why you should ask the question.

The Diva's Dating Assessment Tool

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