Christmas Tyme, is a film written and directed by James Gordon. Everyone loves a great movie. In addition, buttery, movie theater popcorn is an absolute non-negotiable. So Tranquil Bliss is pleased to give the movie, Christmas Tyme, its own signature candle.


It is an 8-ounce soy candle, which we affectionately call, "Movie Popcorn."


We also have available, the YCGI (YOU CAN GET IT) 8-ounce Massage Candle. This candle is named after the female gang, YOU CAN GET IT from the movie. 


Another option is the Birthday Soiree Candle. It smells just like birthday cake. This scrumptious scent is available in an 8-ounce candle as well.


Finally, we have the Franchise Candle, which is a scent that was custom created for the direcetor, James Gordon. This 8- ounce massage candle is Absolutely Amazing. 

A portion of each sale goes to Butter Sweets Productions to produce great movies such as Christmas Tyme and future productions.

Director's Cut Candle Line