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Award winning author, Jahzara Bradley is pleased to announce her Literally Write Services.


Literally Write: Everybody's got a story to tell let me help you with the process. Literally Write helps you go from wanting to write a book to getting the book written. Jahzara is your Literary  Cheerleader during the process of getting the book written. She assists writers in creating a schedule and holds writers accountable to it. Jahzara assists writers with getting their ideas together with her exclusive process “Spill It On Sticky Notes”. Jahzara assists writers with each phase of the publishing process so that writers are able to publish books on their own terms. This includes: Manuscript review, assist with outside contractors for cover, editing, book design and help with the overseeing of the project.


Also in the Literary Consultation, Jahzara provides authors with consultation on how to turn their manuscripts into audio book and recommend a voice over actor if they choose not to do their own reading.


Manuscipt Review  for 150 pages- $175.00


Management of Project for 3-months: $300.00. Jahzara oversees the publishing of your project.


Using OPM (Other People's Money) to fund your project. This is a service not included in the publishing process of the book. Jahzara consults with authors and business owners regarding how to obtain money to fund their projects. I have been sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, Mike Anderson Chevrolet, Quiznos, clothing sponsors, restaurants in Indiana and Florida.

OPM Consultation: 20 minute session - $45.00


Heat Meter : Heat Meter is the process of  taking a writing prompt and writing on it. "I do this sometimes when I get writer’s block.  It helps me get unstuck in my writing process," Jahzara states.  Jahzara details, "Generally, the prompt is totally unrelated to what I am writing about.  If I and write to the prompt and write something hot and juicy, which is just my way of saying it’s good then my heat meter is up and I can go back to writing. "

The Heat Meter Workshops are a  service for authors in self-help genre, urban fiction, and women’s lit.  It helps authors  get unstuck in their writing process. 

Each session: $35.00


"Keep 'Em Talking About You" In this 20 minute session, Jahzara helps authors and businesses to keep the public talking about you. 20-minute  consultation-$45.00


Sip and Chat: Jahzara has hosted three radio shows in the past, "Monday Madness", "It's Complicated," and "Awesomely Amazing." She was Assistant Marketing Manager for SGTV Media in New York. She has blogged for Soulful Nights publication and Girl,PLEASE!   

Authors will be invited to come onto an online platform to discuss their books and writings. Jahzara serves as the facilitator. $15.00 for an hour.


Fragrance Creation, There is nothing for Awesomely Amazing than having your own signature fragrance. 

Fragrance Creation is $80.00 in which customer would receive soytart, candle, incense and hand sanitizer of the scent.

Literally Write