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Tranquil Bliss is so excited to announce it's Flower Power Massage Candle Line. It's our signature massage candle ehanced with your favorite scents that remind you of cannabis.


Between work, school and family, the mind needs a break. Take that break with the power of a burning Tranquil Bliss Candle. Tranquil Bliss Candles allow for focus and clarity after days or weeks of chaos. Infused with soybean oil, our candles are powered with emollients that are perfect for the driest of skin. We only use quality essential oils and fragrance oils. So we offer two benefits in one candle: clear mind and soft skin!


How to Use: Light candle, let it burn for a few moments. Take in the Awesomely Amazing fragrance from the candle. Burn it out. Dip fingers into the warm oil, massage skin with this luxurious oil blend.


Flower Power Massage Candles

Available Scents
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