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Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes other people’s skin glow in the dead of winter, as if they live on a beach in the Dominican Republic, and not on a block in Detroit? It isn’t always about genes. The difference is found in TLS -- tender-loving skincare!


Tranquil Bliss presents a line of body scrubs, with all natural with ingredients that moisturize and heal skin. Get ready to show off your glow throughout the coldest month of the year!  Easy to use – simply apply while showering and let the ingredients work its magic into your pores! – and no more worrying about breakouts due to manufactured, sometimes poisonous irritants.


Tranquil Bliss body scrubs are available in 4 and 8 ounces. Ingredients include: brown sugar, olive oil and fragrance oils.

Body Scrubs

  • Avoid face, sensitive skin, private areas, and broken skin.

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