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                                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA!!!

   I love life. I love to celebrate. I love creating memories. I love capturing memories. If it's your birthday we want to just take a moment to scream, "Happy Birthday!" Birthdays are a way to honor one's life and say, "It's great having you on the earth."

   If you're anything like me birthdays are euphoric. I'm happy on my birthday and most days of the year, since we're talking birthdays, I will stay on the topic of birthday. I always want to capture that moment and keep that great feeling. At Tranquil Bliss we feel that you should be able to have your birthday candle rekindled throughout the year.

  So grab your Birthday Wish Candle today. It smells great. It will make you feel happy today and even in days to come. Additionally, with Birthday Wish Candle, you can use the oil from the candle to moisturize your skin. This is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday or a loved one.

Order your two ounce Birthday Wish Candle today.

Birthday Cake Candle

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